Wednesday, November 25, 2020


 Here we go again everyone! We are going to have a revival of CIL!! Strap in as we join up with some friends from the Drunk And Disorderly Stream to starting bringing you content once again. We will begin to archive their streams in both audio format as well as the video from each stream on our YouTube channel. Hopefully we will be able to bring you all some exciting things in the near future. Until then keep your ears to the ground for everything we hav in store for you!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

THE ARTBREAKER & SRAVANA108 - "Darkest Days Remixes"


Finally, the anticipation is over.  After several months in the making and a small handful of delays, we are beyond proud to present to you the following:

BLUDCLOT RECORDINGS and COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT LABORATORIES join forces to bring you a pair of remixes from THE ARTBREAKER and SRAVANA108 of SORIX & ARTEMISA's classic, classic, I mean muthafuckin' classic tune, "Darkest of Days". 

Originally released on the VOID AUDIO EXPERIMENTS imprint by Raoul Gonzalez a.k.a. 6BLOCC a.k.a. R.A.W. a.k.a. SKANX, this tune has for many years been held dear within the hearts and memories of most Stateside Junglists and has therefore become considered by many to be one of the most landmark tracks in American Junglism's growth over the years.  

This project was a labor of love for both the Artists and netlabels involved.  It was envisioned and created as an ode of respect and gratitude to one of the most important Stateside Jungle/Drum & Bass tracks in our culture's history.

Being a duel-label release, this two track EP is available for free download here on the C.I.L. site as well as on the BLUDCLOT/GRINDTHIEVES site.  Below is a well worded write up regarding the release, which was quoted from the BLUDCLOT page:

"A collaborative effort between Bludclot Recordings and Copyright Infringement Laboratories and the two men who spearhead both, The Artbreaker and Sravana108 respectively.

The original tune holds a special place in both of our hearts and what better way to showcase our love for it than by our own 2014 interpretations of it. Lots of forward thinking and throwback mentality present on this one from both remixers, enough to keep the OGs and the new heads bouncing."
We hope you enjoy listening to these remixes as much as we enjoyed creating them.  Please feel free to share it with anyone whom you feel would dig it..

Friday, April 12, 2013

Fresh new clothes for your no-style-having-ass!


We are happy to announce that we now have a variety of official Copyright Infringement Laboratories merchandise available for purchase via our online store!  You can now proudly rock C.I.L. gear such as t-shirts, pull-over hoodies, zip-up hoodies, tank tops, bandanas, panties, windbreakers, track jackets, and buttons.  Shit, muthafucka... we even have dope-ass shirts specifically for your dogs!  While you're browsing through the store please take a look at the non-clothing items we have available also: Beer mugs, coffee cups, travel mugs, water bottles, and ipad/iphone/Samsung galaxy protective cases.  Keep in mind that many (not all) of the t-shirts and hoodies have graphics on both the front and the back, so please make sure that you look at the items description/preview photos before ordering in order to avoid possibly receiving something other than what you intended.  The t-shirts with graphics only on the front are a few bucks cheaper than the ones with both front & back graphics so if y'all look at the price you should be able to figure that shit out, unless you're a fucking retard.  Currently we have over 200 items available and we will be adding more as time goes on, so check back regularly!  The link is below.

Copyright Infringement Laboratories online store

On a side note... A few of you might be saying to yourselves: "WTF!?!?  I thought C.I.L. was all about being a free net label, supporting the underground, putting art above money, disseminating music to the public without expectation or desire for financial gain etc, etc, etc..."  Rest easy my leftfield soldiers,  we aren't selling out or trying to make a profit.  We simply thought it would be cool to have these things available to those of you who would dig them and doesn't print, package and ship clothes out to people for free so yeah... Shut the fuck up and go buy some shit otherwise we'll send ANKOLE WATUSI over to your parents house to throw cat shit and rotten meat at your Mom.  Word.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

OBSTREPEROUS: Chapter One {CAT#cil.003}

Here it is... "OBSTREPEROUS: Chapter One" {CAT#cil.003}!!!
The long awaited first installment of our compilation album series entitled "OBSTREPEROUS"!!!  We are very proud to have such an amazing collection of artists together on a single album, and we would like to thank them for participating in this project.  This download contains 14 tracks, artist data files (including photo galleries), cover art (front, back, and two inlays), bonus artwork gallery, extensive info file, and a track list.  Look for the next chapters in this compilation series from Copyright Infringement laboratories in the near future.


01.BLAZE~ I Am Who I Am
02.SOUL SCIENTIST~ Til Shiloh {dub}
03.FOOT SOLDIER~ Pennywise Bootleg
04.AUDIO GENESIS~ Sorry We're Human
05.BILLY KINCAID~ Most Acid {2013 refix}
07.JOAN OF ARK~ 23rd Month
08.SRAVANA108~ Unfamiliar Ceiling
09.THE NOTHING~ Beauty & Insanity
10.WNDW~ Something American
11.SOUL SCIENTIST~ Junkie Breakz
12.BLAZE~ Fire Of Life
13.ANKOLE WATUSI~ Forest Hymn
14.MEDICINE CABINET~ Live @Hot August Noise_Sacramento CA_08.25.2007

Friday, May 18, 2012

Copyright Infringement Laboratories is almost ready to make our first two releases available for download.  We are putting the final touches on the cover art, and completing the *INFO files for them.  Both releases will be podcasts/DJ mixes by two very talented Artists that we here at C.I.L. have been fans of for quite a while.  The first release (CATALOG # CILp.001) will be from .:Status:Fresh:. and the second release (CATALOG # CILp.002) will be from TalixZen.  We are honored to have these two very gifted Artists as our first podcast releases!